Links Combat Self-defense Academy

Classes are taught in a hands on manner to prepare our students for real life situations.  Our focus is practical training sessions designed for adults and 14 years plus, male and female, and all techniques are practised and perfected on focus pads and kick shields.  The system is designed to give you simple, effective, easy to learn and easy to remember techniques for protecting yourself in two parts – Self preservation and self protection.

All sessions are adapted to meet your specific needs and abilities and we adapt the training to suit you.  We also spend time on awareness so that you can prevent incidents from even occurring.  

Who is Links Combat system for?

The simple answer is for everyone.  We encourage men and women to take part in our combat lessons as our techniques can be used in any situations, and many of our female students enjoy the ability to take down even the largest of attackers.  

The combat system is not about fighting, it is about defending yourself against attack when there is no other option.  

Our rule is simple, an attack must be stopped quickly and aggressively.  If you would like the ability to defend yourself against any attacker, the Links Combat system is for you.