LCA Instructor Training Programme

  • All Instructor candidates will require vetting

Before enrolling on Instructor training program, all potential applicants will need to have a full DBS on the update system

  • Candidates need to have reached Level 9 LCA  

All candidates need to have attended the combat academy training session and at least reached Level 9 LCA

  • Be willing to assist in LCA Combat classes to aid development  

All students on the program will need to assist at some training classes to enhance and develop their understanding of delivering the Combat System.

  • Attend relative LCA classes, seminars and workshops
  • Attain Instructors Levels  

All candidates will need to obtain Instructor Level, assessments will be completed in Combat Sessions.

  • After receiving instructor certificate, as long as you maintain your willingness to learn you will keep Instructor status  

All certified Instructors will undergo an intensive training program